Lefler Athletic Programs


The goal of the athletic program at Lefler is to provide all students the opportunity to participate as a member of a team.  Coaches introduce, develop, and improve athletic skills and fundamentals through teaching, modeling, and practice. Our philosophy is not to win at all costs, but to promote good sportsmanship in both victory and defeat.  Most importantly coaches want kids to have a fun, rewarding experience. For more information on Lefler’s athletic program, please contact Jeff Pappas (jpappas@lps.org) and/or Bill Wenzl (bwenzl@lps.org)/402-436-1215.

If an event is cancelled due to weather or other instances, it will be posted here.

Information for Lefler families regarding Middle School Athletics

At this point in time the decision has been made to postpone all athletic activities at the Middle School level through the first quarter.  Part of this is to maintain consistency within schools as far as what other before and after school activities are doing such as music and club activities.  We also want the focus to continue to be on the school day to ensure all students and staff are adhering to the necessary safety protocols while operating at full capacity. In addition to concerns expressed regarding staffing/coaching, safety protocols, etc.; this also gives more time to evaluate what happens with HS Athletic teams now that they are approaching the competition stages of their seasons. 

It is fully understood that this will be a divisive topic as some will agree and others will not.  In the end this is being done with the well being of students and staff in mind to attempt to mitigate risk of exposure and keep students and staff in classrooms.  As with everything that is occurring, we will continually evaluate how things are going and make adjustments as needed.  If you have questions feel free to contact Jeff Pappas jpappas@lps.org or Bill Wenzl at bwenzl@lps.org.