Homework Zone, Team Time, and Achievement Zone

Building a community of learners for present and future success

In order to support students who would benefit from academic intervention, Lefler Middle School Community has developed a four 4 tiered system to support students. Continuum of Academic Support for Student Success will help:

  • Develop life and academic skills for present and future school success
    • Practice and complete meaningful work
    • Build confidence
    • Decrease stress
  • Increase parent communication/engagement
Tier 1

CLC Homework Zone – The CLC Homework Zone is available for all students on a voluntary basis.

  • 3:05-4:00 Monday-Friday (students are not required to stay until 4:00)
  • The CLC Homework Zone is staffed by Lefler teachers and CLC staff
Tier 2

Team Time – Team Time is assigned by teachers as reminder that completed assignments are an expectation of Lefler students and to provide a space and support to complete their work.

  • 3:05-3:30 Monday-Wednesday-Thursday (students are required to stay until 3:30)
  • Team Time is staffed by Lefler teachers
  • Parents will be notified by their child for each class they are assigned team time.
  • Students will stay after school the same day they are assigned.
Tier 3

Achievement Zone – The Achievement Zone is assigned by Academic Interventionists and will provide support to help students become independent learners as well as evaluators of their own progress.

  • 3:05-4:00 Monday-Friday (students are required to stay until 4:00)
  • Achievement Zone is staffed by Lefler teachers
  • Parents will be contacted by the Academic Interventionist to discuss the Achievement Zone assignment.
Tier 4

Referral to Administrator – if a student continues to struggle after Tiers 1-3, the Academic Interventionist will refer the student to his/her administrator for a parent meeting.

The bottom line is…“not doing work is not ok”

FAQ From Parents/Students About Team Time

Is Team Time a consequence?

  • At Lefler we believe that doing meaningful work is important
  • It is never not okay to not do your work! If a student needs help completing work, our entire Lefler team volunteers to work with students after school to provide extra support
  • Team Time is a SUPPORT, not a punishment!

 Why would my child be assigned to Team Time?

  • Late work
  • Lengthy absences

How will I be notified if my child is assigned to Team Time?

  • A phone call will be made by your child for each class from the school phone

What will happen if my child skips Team Time?

  • The Team Time teacher will call if a child is not in attendance of Team Time
  • The child will be assigned Achievement Zone from 3:00-4:00 the following day

What are acceptable reasons to reschedule Team Time?

  • Orchestra rehearsals (6th grade only)
  • Medical Appointments
  • Illness
  • Communication with teachers about any prearranged activities

What are unacceptable reasons to reschedule Team Time?

  • CLC clubs and activities
  • Intramural sports