School Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

Lefler offers both a breakfast and lunch program to students. Students may bring money to deposit in their lunch account or they may use cash for purchases. Deposits can be made any day from 7:30-8:00 a.m. in the cafeteria. Money can be deposited in three ways: (1) for meals only, (2) a portion for meals and a portion for snacks, or (3) cash to be spent as the student wishes.


Breakfast is served as Grab & Go style.  Students may pick up a Grab & Go breakfast at the door they enter each morning.  Some of these items include: banana bread, blueberry muffins, string cheese, fruit, oat, fruit and grain bars, Pop Tarts (on Fridays)…

A hot Grab & Go option will be provided at the main entrance (7th grade entrance). 6th and 8th grade students preferring a hot Grab & Go breakfast will need to pick up their hot breakfasts at this location, then go outside and around to their grade level entrance.

The offerings for the hot Grab & Go breakfast are a 15 day rotation.  Some of these items include: omelet on a bun, cheese filled pretzel, sausage sandwich, egg and cheese sandwich, egg and cheese burrito, blueberry pancakes, mini maple waffles, pancake and sausage on a stick…

Students are welcome to eat their breakfasts in class until 8:10 am.  Click here for more on LPS’ Grab n’ Go Breakfast


Well-balanced meals are available in the cafeteria each day. Students may choose to buy a regular lunch or select individual items on an “a la carte” basis. A la carte items range in price from $.10 to $2.55.  Students may also bring their lunch and buy milk to go with it. All food is to be eaten in the cafeteria.

Every month, Lincoln Public Schools publishes menus for Early Childhood Program, Elementary and Secondary schools. Menus for students with special diet needs, and an Arabic language menu are also available for downloading.  Click here to download the LPS Menu

Lunch is scheduled during the extended fifth period and is 30-minutes in length.  During each grade’s lunch period, teachers and students are divided into two groups. Group 1 teachers escort their students to the lunchroom while Group 2 teachers escort their students to recess. Group 2 students  are welcome to wait in line or partake in activity until they are ready to join lunch.  At the end of lunch, all students join their classes for “line-up” outside.  The students’ 6th period teachers then greet their students at line-up and escort them to class.  At the beginning of 2nd semester, Group 1 and Group 2 teachers switch places, so all students have the opportunity to eat at the beginning of lunch during the school year.

1st lunch – 8th grade – 11:40 – 12:10

2nd lunch – 6th grade 12:10 – 12:40

3rd lunch – 7th grade 12:40 – 1:10

When inclement weather causes us to stay indoors for lunch, students are also divided into two groups.  Group 1 teachers escort thier students to the lunchroom to eat.  Group 2 teachers escort students to an assigned indoor location (computer lab, media center, auditorium) where they partake in activity until ready to join lunch.  When students are finished eating, they are provided a pass to a supervised indoor area (computer lab, media center, auditorium) until they are dismissed for their 6th period class.


Students are not allowed to bring in commercial food or have food delivered to school. Parents bringing in commercial food can eat with their own student only in the office. This must be pre-arranged through the office.

Leaving Campus at Noon

The campuses of middle schools in Lincoln are closed at lunchtime. Students are not permitted to leave the school campus except by approval through the office. If a student does leave the grounds without prior approval, parents will be contacted and disciplinary consequences will result.

We discourage parents from taking their child away from school for lunch, as it often results in missed class time. We will not allow parents to take someone else’s child to lunch.

Free/Reduced Costs for Breakfast and Lunch

Please refer to the LPS Important Information Booklet that explains the free or reduced price lunch/breakfast programs. If a student qualifies for this program, the application should be completed and returned to the office so the appropriate account can be established. A new free/reduced application must be completed each year.

Tardy Policy and Lunch

Students are expected to be at school and in their classrooms on time. Being tardy to any class is a disruption to the learning environment. First period class begins at 8:00 a.m. The following steps will be taken if students are tardy to school or any class throughout the day.

Students tardy to any class will automatically serve lunch detention. Students who need to serve the detention will meet in the cafeteria. They will be escorted to a classroom where they will eat lunch.

During that time all behavioral expectations will apply. Students not complying with behavioral expectations will be removed from the room and will have to serve a lunch detention the following day. If behavior continues to be an issue the room supervisor may write a disciplinary referral.

Students who reach 10 tardies and subsequent tardies will eat lunch in an assigned area and will be given a cold (sack) lunch.



Lincoln Public Schools Nutrition Services Office Location: The office is located at 5905 O Street. Office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you have questions regarding our services please contact us at 402-436-1747.