Daily Bulletin 9-27-2022

LUNCH: Sausage pizza, Taco meat on Flour tortilla with american cheese, Vegan Taco Meat with Fritos or tortilla

Today is a Y day!

Today is morning snack day, send down a student at 10:05

PLC day Tuesday, we leave at 1:40pm

8th graders interested in The Career Academy- stop by the counseling center for information on an upcoming open house.

There will be no orchestra lessons today 9/26. After school orchestra will start as scheduled on Wednesday, 9/28, and normal lessons will resume next Monday on 10/3. Thank you.

Students On November 4th we will be holding our quarterly hang-out from 3-4. DJ Haws will provide the music in the gym. More information to come.
In order to attend you must meet the following Criteria:
No F’s
No Re Focus
No more than 1 out of class movements
No more than 2 tardies (not counting Homeroom)
Criteria to start: Sept. 22
Criteria to end: Oct. 14