Tardy Policy and Procedure

First period class begins at 8:00 a.m. Students are expected to be at school and in their classrooms on time. Being tardy to any class is a disruption to the learning environment. The following steps will be taken if students are tardy to school or any class throughout the day:

  • Students tardy to any class will automatically serve lunch detention.
  • Students who need to serve the detention will meet in the cafeteria. They will be escorted to a classroom where they will eat lunch.
  • All behavioral expectations will apply during lunch detention.
  • Students not complying with behavioral expectations will be removed from the room and will have to serve a lunch detention the following day.
  • If non-compliant behavior continues, the room supervisor may write a disciplinary referral.

Any student who reaches 10 tardies in a semester will be assigned after school detention with an administrator for each subsequent tardy.