Pokémon Go: LPS Information and Guidelines

Pokémon Go is a game that has gained incredible popularity over the summer with our students, families and people of all ages enjoying the activity. In light of that popularity, we are providing some guidance for the school year.

In general it is business as usual: We will handle Pokémon Go through existing guidelines, regulations and policy. Students are not banned from playing the game, but must follow the current school rules and protocol.

General guidelines:

  • Elementary and middle schools generally consider cell phones as nuisance items that must be kept in lockers or designated locations. That means students should NOT be able to play the game during the school day.
  • High schools generally allow cell phones during passing times and lunch. Students are not banned from playing the game, but if it becomes a distraction, a nuisance or a behavior problem – then students may be disciplined.
  • After-school hours: We will again follow usual protocol, not allowing students to “hang out” after school when they have no school-related reason to be there.

Instruction: We will not currently use this tool for instructional purposes, as it has not been approved. The use of this game goes outside the scope of Lincoln Board of Education policy related to student data privacy. Students and staff cannot download the app onto LPS devices.

Community members: Again, according to our existing protocol, community members would not be allowed inside schools or on school grounds during instructional hours unless they have school business.

Pokémon Go activities: If there is interest in holding special Pokémon Go activities at schools, it would be suitable for a PTO or Booster Club to sponsor a potential after-school or evening event with appropriate adult supervision.

We ask for your heightened awareness during school days so we deal with any potential issues promptly and appropriately

 ** Staff members and parents may want to be aware of potential safety issues related to the game such as privacy, stranger danger, etc. Below are handouts that you may want to review with your family: