Additional Math Supports

Math instruction in middle school is extremely important to the success of students both in high school and in college. The key to this success is for students to learn and retain essential mathematical skills. Lefler will utilize a support system entitled “Math Relearning” to achieve this goal. Math Relearning is an opportunity for students to receive extra support to master the concepts being taught in math classes.

All math levels have a number of “Big Idea” concepts taught in each unit.  Students who do not master these concepts will be given an opportunity to relearn in a Math Relearning pull-in class. We will pull students from an Academic Connection class for a week-long relearning session. A post-test at the end of this week will be used to determine if additional relearning time is needed on the concept.  This pattern will occur for each of the major concepts taught at all three grade levels.

Math Relearning

Math Relearning class is not optional. 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who do not master concepts will be required to attend assigned math relearning classes, participate fully and appropriately in class activities, and complete assigned work.  Failure to master the concept will result in additional Math Relearning support.

Math 180

Math180 is a Tier 2 math intervention program published by Scholastic, and is modeled after Read180. The curriculum is highly structured and utilizes a blended learning approach, including: whole class instructional activities, small group instruction, personalized learning software, and a “brain arcade” students can access outside of school for additional practice. The personalized learning component assesses students’ current mathematics level and designs instructional activities to address individual needs. In addition, the curriculum includes videos to demonstrate the application/use of mathematics and seeks to develop a mathematical “growth mindset” among students.