Daily Bulletin 9-23-2022

LUNCH: Breaded Chicken Nuggets, Mac & Cheese, Romaine tossed salad

Today is a Y day!

Please remember that non-playing students are not allowed to attend INDOOR LPS Middle School Events due to space limitations. Non-playing students will be asked to call for rides and wait outside the gym to allow maximum space for family members.

On November 4th we will holding our quarterly hang-out from 3-4. DJ Haws will provide the music in the gym. More information to come.

In order to attend you must meet the following Criteria:

No F’s
No Re Focus
No more than 1 out of class movements
No more than 2 tardies (not counting Homeroom)

Criteria to start: Sept. 22
Criteria to end: Oct. 14
Hangout Date: Friday, Nov 4